About Us

Awake Earth was started by two brothers with big hearts and a passion for people and planet.


Stefan and Rowan were founding directors of Hempen in 2015, the UK’s first organic hempfarming co-operative, in Oxfordshire. Their time was well spent out in the fields smelling the plants, meditating with them and hand-processing everything, whilst visioning and working alongside a group of other true hemp enthusiasts. We don’t think we could have had a better initiation into working with hemp. Big up Hempen, still going strong!

Hemp is a key player on an Awake Earth for us. With the capacity to sustain and regenerate our planet in an astounding number of ways (see our ‘About Hemp’ page) it is a big part of our mission. Our spidey-senses are super strong when it comes to hemp, and we have tried and tested many products from different growers to ensure that we bring you the very best.

The products we source are organically grown, ethically sourced, and good vibes. Right now it’s not possible to grow hemp for CBD in the UK, when we can grow hemp again, we’ll grow hemp! And we are committed to continuing to foreground the amazing potential of this plant to be utilised to its fullness for our planet, for an Awake Earth.

An Awake Earth for us is also one where there is lots of music, spiritual practice, healthy living, and tending to, honouring and regenerating the land. As Team Awake Earth grows we look forward to expanding into these realms and we hope you’ll join us.

These days, when he’s not making your products, you’ll find Rowan living in a cabin in the woods near Bristol practicing crazy breathing techniques, hanging with his community and producing tunes. He recently trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and is an awesome DJ - (fun fact - his niche interest in hemp is to one day manufacture hemp vinyl, watch this space!) And you’ll find Stefan living in a cottage in the Highlands with his partner, meditating and doing Chi Gong in the woods and honing his musical genius working on his solo album.

He’s also studying to be a soil consultant and implementing experimental permaculture techniques in their garden.

With love,

Awake Earth

Awake Earth.
In service to a happy, healthy, harmonious planet.
Our values - Integrity, Sustainability, Compassion and Healing.
We envision a world where all people live in harmony with
nature and each other and where all life has the opportunity to
thrive and flourish. So be it :)
(Working with plants since 1998)