Meet the Team

Rowan Quarry - Co-founder

Rowan is a keen advocate of hemp and creating new ways of living in balance with nature. He enjoys innovating new techniques of production and creating a company that works in balance with nature and the people who work within it. Rowan co-founded Hempen, the UK's first organic hemp farming co-operative, based in Oxfordshire, there working with the plant from seed, to field, to product, to people, and this deep knowledge informs all his work, in hemp, and community projects.

He is also a music producer and yoga and meditation teacher aside from his role at Awake Earth, he looks forward to these different aspects of his life coalescing and integrating together.

 Stefan Quarry - Co-founder

Stefan loves hemp, and the game-changing role it can play in a sustainable world, from agricultural reform and soil regeneration, to rad clothes, houses, health foods and supplementation for optimal health and nutrition. Having benefited greatly from CBD himself he is passionate about sharing it with others. Stefan co-founded Hempen, the UK's first organic hemp farming co-operative and has been working closely with hemp ever since.

He is also a musician, meditator and is also currently studying to be a Soil Food Web consultant, to help heal the world's soils.

Jamie Watkins  - Investor / Mentor / Advisor 

Jamie is a passionate serial entrepreneur having setup, built & sold his first three businesses in engineering, software and the energy markets. He is now investing in many more via Blue Sky Equity Ltd He has fun working with varying businesses across a range of sectors; Music, Meditation, Property, Software, Technology.and now CBD. Jamie met ‘the boys’ at a chance meeting at a farmer's market. He tasted their products and loved them, and felt their energy and passion. Loved it all. Since mid 2019 Jamie's been on board. It felt right. It’s been an incredible journey and we are only just starting. Looking forward to the next decade to bring our wonderful product to the world...
”these products are a game changer”.